Soweto Tour

Imagine being jammed into a typical Soweto Siyaya taxi with the groom dressed in ceremonial Zulu attire.  The groom and his “warrior” mates explore Soweto and its iconic mix of culture and deep tradition. Screaming hysterically as they bungee off Orlando Towers or play soccer against a local team, your prize (if you win) is a case of quarts.

Sitting at a Hostel drinking quarts of Black label beer and eating meat off wooden platters at a Shisinyama, whilst partaking in some local cultural activities.

During this adventure the group of “warriors” spend time visiting many of the taverns, shebeens and drinking spots in Soweto until they get delivered safely back to where they were collected.

A truly different and unforgettable experience!

Thanks a million for everything, the event turned out to be a huge success. Everything your arranged for us was great… The guys had a party of lifetime even the bachelor had to run away halfway through the night. Regarding the Vegas nights, tables were great and big hit for the guys. The shooter girls were very good. Sue was amazing really got the party going. Thanks again and I will definitely keep your details for any other party we may want to arrange. Regards – Alex