Dirt Track Go-Karting

Ladies why not try something with a bit of speed to get the heart racing and start the party with a bit of a bang? Dirt Track Go-Karting is the most exciting thing on four wheels. The dirt track allows for extreme drifting and is wide enough to enable overtaking.

The karts do not have gears thereby making them simple to drive. All safety equipment is provided in the form of helmets and neck braces and hygiene is maintained through the provision of hairnets (mop caps).  It is also recommended that drivers wear closed shoes.


Karting Packages:

  • 10 laps (1,6Km) 
  • 20 laps (3,2Km) – the 20 laps can be divided into 2 x 10 lap sets.
  • 30 laps (4,8Km) – the 30 laps can be divided into 3 x 10 lap sets or 2 x 15 lap sets.

Also offered is a 55m and 100m zip line which traverse the go-kart tracks. The zip lines are designed for teens and pre-teens with a weight limit of 90Kg. Target-shooting with semi-automatic paintball guns is available adjacent to the track.  For more information please contact us.

Hi Briony. Once again. Thank you for all your help…. Appreciate it alot. Will use WildChild Planners as Reference to future bachelors and, other kind of parties. Kind regards – Chris